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 the story of "PATCHES"

Introducing "PATCHES" , the inspiration for the newest book "Spirit Bunnies".  This story started on the property of a beautiful Vineyard  in Southern NJ.  We spent many summer days there grilling and playing.  One particular day, as we were outside eating and enjoying the surroundings, a farm cat walked up to where we were with the head of a bunny in his mouth that he had recently killed and just in time for dinner!  I was struck by  how  unusual this cat looked.  He was covered in strange red warts and bumps and had hair missing all over his body.  He was rough looking but was a very loving cat who seemed like he wanted to enjoy the family dinner with us and be included in the party. So, as we ate our grilled steak and corn, in the center of the familial event  was Patches eating this disgusting bloody, bunny head.  It was incredibly gross yet strangely sweet at the same time. 

His  need for love and connection  from the family led him to be accepted  and given the name "Patches". This is where the story was born like a bolt of lightning, as ideas usually come.  I wanted to honor "Patches"  with this story. 

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