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School Visits!


Full School :   I will tell the story to the young ones but also will include the older kids from the angle of becoming an author and discuss creative writing and inspiration.

I will Discuss and demonstrate breathing techniques with the kids through a controlled but fun and interactive program.

 Questions are very much encouraged because curiosity drives learning and I want to answer any questions they have.


Ages 4 – 7 :   The target age of the book. I will do a classic storytelling show,  followed by teaching belly breathing techniques with help from puppets which is fun and interactive for the children.


Ages 8 to 10:  I will read the story followed by belly breathing techniques and focus on some creative writing.


Ages 11 - 13:  after reading the book, I will discuss being an author and have a short creative writing session where I give them my top three tips on writing a story.  This Will Pass was published by Bushel& Peck books but I have self-published 6 books so I will speak on how the publishing world has changed so much and how easy and almost free it is to get their ideas out there, at any age. I will keep this somewhat general unless someone wants more information, and I can help them of course.  There are some very young authors out there already we are seeing in the industry, and I would love to help them reach their dreams.


      Virtual        $200

     Local       Half day $350                                 

                  Full day $500                                        Up to 100 miles    Half day $450 

                                                                                                    Full day $625                              100-180 miles-  Half day $500

                         Full day  $750                                80-200 miles-  Half day $600

                                                                                                   Full day $ 850 

                                                                                          Over 200 miles- CALL

no cancellation fee

To request more information : contact 

Call: 609-364-4599

*If your school is having trouble affording my author visit fees please contact me, we can work together to figure something out. No school will be left out for financial reasons. After all this is for the kids!


Remember, your PTA and local BOCES Arts in Education grants are awesome ways to find funding!

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