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Take a look into the lives of the mysterious firefly. The magical creature who lights up the night sky.

 Firflies is a mixed media book  Perfect for bed time and small children Ages 1+

paper back coming 9/1/20


Echo was made to excite and encourage the natural curiosity and wonder of a young child. Perfect for Bed Time to settle the little ones to sleep dreaming of fireflies.  Echo  empowers children to believe in their voice and find the magic in the natural world around them. A lITTLe Science! ...A brief scientific lesson about how echoes are made can be found at the end of the book. 

For children ages 1+

echo coverforwebsite copy.jpg

 Ruby Lee is a playful and funny  cautionary tale about a little girl named ruby lee who is completely obsessed with her video screen.

   She plays video games from dusk until dawn. See what happens as she follows this path she is on....

ages 3+

ruby lee cover and back.jpg

Spirit Bunnies  is a 

modern Fable about Empathy .

On a farm there lives a cat who hunts the bunnies daily. The bunnies, being too small to fight, invoke a curse to end this plight. But in the heart of the cat a secret lies. To be loved by the farmer would be his prize.

     Will the cat and bunnies ever find peace and a way for this destructive war to cease?  suggested age 4+ 

sbfull cover copyfart copy.jpg

Patches and the Spirit Bunnies is Spirit Bunnies but meant for  younger children.  A modern fable for all ages...

ages 3+

thisisitcoverfro patchesandspiritbunnies


Ruby Lee


       Spirit Bunnies
               ages 5+
(spooky ,scary halloween book)

Patches and the Spirit Bunnies                     (ages 4-9)

Helpful videos for teachers and parents


About joy

J.Donnini is a musician, author and mother. She has always written poetry, stories and music but started on her journey into writing children's 

books after her first son was born 11 years ago. She was incredibly inspired by her sons curiosity, creativity  and pure Joy he seemed to find in any adventure they went on, including grocery shopping.Fyi, bathrooms are a great source of ECHOES!!!!


J's mission in writing is to empower children and honor the spirit and wonder of the child. She wants to entertain the children but also teach through these stories the value of love, empathy, compassion and kindness. Her most recent work Spirit Bunnies and Patches and the Spirit Bunnies for the younger ones teaches how empathy and seeing the world from another's perspective can transform any situation for the better. Joy will be giving a percentage to CHOP from yearly book sales because helping children is joy's biggest mission in life.

J also features a Spirit bunnies movie and Hd audio book for a full immersive experience!



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