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"Unlike many picture books that seek to comfort young audiences by assuring them that their apprehensions are unfounded, Donnini’s quiet prose shows readers that worry is a feeling as valid as any other . . . the world is an increasingly worrisome place, and books like this one, that offer simple acknowledgement of this fact, are just as essential as those that offer elaborate escape. Timely assurance of the impermanence of life’s difficulties." ―Kirkus Reviews

Hardcover Ages 3-8



Be Quiet! is a fun and interactive picture book for children to learn rhythm, practice speech and to just be LOUD!

Sometimes there is a time to be LOUD. But NOT when someone's trying to sleep!

A wonderful book for teachers and children working with speech. It is also a great bedtime book, a chance for the little ones to get all their energies out before sleep.


Ages 3-6

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ruby lee cover and back.jpg

The Story of Ruby Lee is a playful cautionary tale about a little girl named ruby lee who is completely obsessed with her video screen. She plays video games from dusk until dawn. See what happens if she follows this path she is on....
Ages 4-8


Fireflies is a book that introduces children to discover the life and magic of a firefly.
a fun book for children with illustrations using stop animation.
ages 2-5

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       Rock does not like to be bothered by Anyone!  but one day.. a fly lands on top of his rocky nose and stays there.  This sends Rock on a great big adventure! 
Paper back & Kindle
Ages 3-7   

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Perfect for Halloween!!
Spirit Bunnies  brings in elements of classic fables, teaching children empathy and kindness--both important points of dialogue for parents and children at home and in the classroom.It tells the story of a farm cat who spends his days terrorizing a local bunny clan.

*limited availability Available.
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kindle book
Ages 6+

thisisitcoverfro patchesandspiritbunnies

On a farm there lives a cat who would chase the bunnies daily. The bunnies are scared and decide to fight with a magical spell and their clever minds. But in the heart of the cat a secret lies. To be loved by the farmer would be his prize. ...
Ages 4-8

Echo is made to excite and encourage the natural curiosity and wonder of a young child. this book empowers children to believe in their voice and value the natural magic of nature around them. A brief scientific lesson can be found at the end of the book. PAPERBACK  & KINDLE ages 3-5


Helpful videos for teachers and parents

How to STOP a Bully!


What is Emapthy?

Belly Breathing for children 
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About joy

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 Joy is a children’s book author, musician, and a mother, which she considers her most important job. She spent many years studying and writing music and transitioned to strictly writing for children when her son was born in 2007. But, musical and lyrical quality can always  be found in her picture books.


  Joy’s stories focus on kindness, empathy, diversity and love and respect for each other and this beautiful planet that we all share.  She not only wants to entertain, but empower the young readers and honor their curiosity and wonder. 


Joy's published works include Ruby Lee, Echoes, Fireflies, The Spirit Bunnies, Patches and the Spirit Bunnies, Rock and the Fly , This Will Pass and Be Quiet!. She has been a featured author at several reading events, book festivals, and stores such as Barnes & Noble. In her efforts to create a fun and interactive experience for the children, she built a “bunny cave” complete with puppets, and an original soundtrack for The Spirit Bunnies readings. This enhanced her live show to bring an immersive experience of the magical world of the Spirit Bunnies to the kids! She believes in the pure Joy of imagination and creativity. Joy focuses heavily on volunteering to help others develope their own stories and learn how they can be a published author too, at any age. She started her career giving back, as she values this above all.

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