My Mission and the long road traveled

This Road to Writing children's books started in 1983, with me sitting in front of a swamp in Cape May , N.J. during summer vacation when I was 9 years old. I was taking a break from painting the house, as my father liked to put us to work as not to grow up and be lazy human beings. My home life was emotionally and verbally abusive and chaotic but sitting in front of this swamp alone with a pen and paper I felt free and understood, by myself. I felt like the swamp. I felt alone. I felt unwanted . I felt unloved just like the swamp. As everyone was running to the sunny fun beach and laughing and swimming, this swamp felt like the place where I felt most like me . So my first poem was born and to this day I still remember parts of it. That was the beginning of thousands of pieces of writing that would follow up until now. Today I have a child who is sensitive like me and he has a very different life then I had and its the best thing in the world! I write books to spread ideas of empathy, forgiveness, love, acceptance and appreciation of diversity and to inspire children to use writing and art to express themselves and their emotions . We all have a path . We all have a unique voice. Embrace this voice and follow your own path.

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