Childhood fears are not so scary when they are out in the open.

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

When I was a child , I had lot of fears where I wanted to sleep on my parents floor to feel safe most nights. I felt alone and scared and was very afraid of being bullied . I felt powerless and very small in a big, big world . I had a lot of feelings as all children do and didn't understand them. We didn't talk about our feelings or fears , this was not done and everyone was just always in a reactive state bouncing off of each other trying to survive. I feel like If we talked about our fears and were not pretending they didn't exist I would feel like I had more power and would not have been so scared .

"Avoidance takes away the opportunity for kids to learn that whatever is worrying them most likely won’t happen at all, and that if it does, they are resilient, strong and resourceful enough to cope. " from an article by Karen Young.

I write books that deal with real emotions and feelings and especially with my first of 5 book series, Spirit Bunnies, that deals with the fears that children have of being bullied and not feeling in power . When we see these fears and understand them they do not hold power over us and we don't have to feel scared or powerless. But....they have to be seen first.

attached is a link to great article that explains the left/right brain inner workings and how we can help and support children with their fears and phobias.

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